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Volume 18

2010 Jan Robert B. Ash A Course In Algebraic Number Theory ZIP
2018 March Oleg Mazonka Linguistic cubes PDF

Volume 17

2003 Aug Martin J. Kochanski A New Method of Serial Modular Multiplication PDF
2017 Jan Oleg Mazonka Blockchain: Simple Explanation PDF
2013 Jan Oleg Mazonka On Incompressibility of RSA Public Keys PDF

Volume 16

2016 Aug Oleg Mazonka Stronger Encryption Using a Weak Password PDF
2016 July Hasq Technology Hasq Technology as a Platform for National Digital Currency PDF
2016 June Oleg Mazonka Easy as Pi: The Fluctuation-Dissipation Relation PDF
2016 June Oleg Mazonka Easy as Pi: The Importance Sampling Method PDF
2016 May Oleg Mazonka and Vlad Popov Hasq Hash Chains (in Russian) PDF
2016 May Paul Switzer A Random Set Process in the Plane with a Markovian Property 1965 PDF
2016 Apr Oleg Mazonka Practical transition function PDF
2016 Apr Ralph Carmichael Geopotential and Geometric Altitude PDF
2016 Apr Nasa U.S. Standard Atmosphere 1976 PDF
2016 Feb Ben Goertzel Infusing Advanced AGIs with Human-Like Value Systems: Two Theses PDF
2015 Dec Ben Goertzel Superintelligence: Fears, Promises and Potentials PDF
2015 Feb Howard Stack Brisbane Grammar School Annual Report 2014 PDF
2014 May Caitlin Durkovich, David Michaels, Mathy Stanislaus Executive Order 13650 Actions to Improve Chemical Safety and Security PDF
2016 Jan Oleg Mazonka, Denis Shine Simple Physical Models in Support of Vulnerability and Lethality Data for Wargaming and Simulation Environments 2012 PDF
2016 Jan Bruce Schneier Homomorphic Encryption Breakthrough 2009 PDF

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