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Why JR

Journal of Reference is an archive of public documents with the purpose of referencing. It is suitable for standards, constitutions, reports, formal letters, academic papers, contracts and other formal documents. It is not suitable for blog articles which are either a personal opinion, demonstrating no interviews or research, or of casual writing style. The aim of JR is to serve organisations producing public documents which do not have means to publish externally.

How to Submit Work to JR

To submit a paper create a PDF file and fill out the form below. All papers should include a brief abstract. Submissions can be of any length and may contain URLs. Authors retain copyright and may republish their material elsewhere. The authors are responsible for the accuracy and thoroughness of the article content and citations.

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Journal of Reference (JR) is an e-print service. Submissions to JR should conform to JR standards. site is owned and operated by Journal of Reference, a private not-for-profit institution.